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DC-Group was established in 1995 by a team of experienced construction engineers whose skills and professionalism made it possible for the company to integrate a wide range of activities, establish strong partnerships with Russian and foreign investors, businesses and organizations, and earn the reputation of one of Moscows best design and construction management companies.
DC-Groups president Evgeny Shneyderov - in the 90s Construction and Real Estate Department Director of McDonalds Russia - has put together a team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals passionate about what they do, which is the key to successful and efficient work.

With the input provided by these excellent personnel notable projects were built in Moscow:
  • McDonalds Factory, Moscow Region
  • Moscow-McDonalds JV office building, Vakhtangova street
  • Office building with a McDonalds restaurant, Gazetny lane
  • McDonalds restaurant building, Stary Arbat street
  • McDonalds restaurant building, Prospect Mira avenue
  • McDonalds restaurant building, Rusakovskaya street
  • McDonalds restaurant building, Leningradskoye highway

DC-Group Today:
  • Wide experience in organization and management of design and construction of various functionality projects
  • A complete range of services for managing development projects from site analysis to project commissioning, including Technical Client and construction supervision services
  • Preinvestment analysis of construction projects (due diligence)
  • Tailor-made development
  • Wide and reliable connections in the professional community
  • International principles of business administration
  • Successful cooperation with foreign partners
  • Operating in both Russian and English
  • Currently the company has 50 people on its staff including employees with over 30 years construction experience.
Over recent years DC-Group has implemented different functionality and complexity degree projects, among them:

Multifunctional Complexes
  • Retail Complex, Yaroslavl town 40,000 sq. m
  • Fifth Avenue Multifunctional Complex, Moscow 50,000 sq. m
  • Bibirevo Multifunctional Complex, Moscow 25,000 sq. m
  • Multifunctional Complex, Tver town 22,000 sq. m
  • IKEA Retail Complex, Moscow (design stage) 180,000 sq. m
  • Mosmart Hypermarket, Moscow 17,000 sq. m
  • Metropolis Multifunctional Complex, Moscow 300,000 sq. m
  • Manufaktura multifunctional retail and entertainment complex, Balashikha town, Moscow Region (concept design stage) 110,000 sq. m
  • Oruzheiny multifunctional office and retail complex, Moscow 166,700 sq. m
A-Class Office Complexes
  • White Square, Moscow 100,000 sq. m The omplex was certified under BREEAM sustainable building certification scheme.
  • White Gardens, Moscow 95,000 sq. m
  • Khodynka, Moscow (design stage) 230,000 sq. m
  • Iskra, Moscow (design stage) 200,000 sq. m
  • Shabolovka, Moscow (design stage) -350,000 sq. m
  • Pioneers, Moscow (design stage)- 420,000 sq. m
  • Suschevka, hotel and office complex, Moscow (design stage) 44,420 sq. m
Industrial Facilities
  • Avtoframos Moscow Renault Car Plant (design stage) 115,000 sq. m
  • Domodedovo Logistic Park, Moscow Region (design stage) - 740,000 sq. m
Buildings of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Russian Federation Central Bank Central Depository and Office Complex, Moscow 35,000 sq. m
  • Russian Federation Central Bank Interregional Depository and Office Complex, Orel town - 45,000 sq. m
  • Hotel of the Russian Federation Central Bank Central Depository, Moscow - 2,000 sq. m.
Sport and Healthcare Facilities
  • Lisya Nora sports and recreational complex, Moscow Region - 82 ha
  • City Clinical Hospital No.31, Building No.2, Moscow - 6,000 sq. m
  • Central House of Writers restaurant, Moscow
  • Russkoye Bistro chain restaurants, Moscow
  • Bagel Canadian restaurant, Moscow
  • Santorini Greek restaurant, Moscow
Residential Complexes
  • Viktorenko Residential Complex, Moscow (pre-design stage) - 250,000 sq. m
  • Serpukhovsky Val, Residentail Complex, Moscow (pre-design stage) 234,000 sq. m
  • Vitebskaya Residential Complex, Moscow (design stage)- 219,800 sq. m
  • Nikitskaya Premium-Class Residential Building, Moscow 10,000 sq. m
  • Tushino Multifunctional Complex including residential, public, business, shopping and social facilities, and sports and park areas, Moscow - 65 ha.
Multifunctional walking distance community centers
  • redevelopment program for cinemas located in different districts of Moscow to convert them into multifunctional walking distance community centers 33 buildings, total area 500,000 sq. m.